About the Conference

The Eleventh International Scientific and Technical Conference «Safety, Efficiency and Economics of Nuclear Power Industry» MNTK-2018 is held by Rosenergoatom Concern JSC in Moscow (Russian Federation) from 23 to 24 May 2018.

MNTK-2018 Organizational Committee invites you to take part in the conference work.

Conference goals:

The goal is to provide an opportunity for experience and information exchange on key topical issues of NPP operation and prospects of nuclear power development.


May 23rd (1st Day)

  • Participants registration (VNIIAES main building lobby)
  • Opening (Conference hall)
  • Plenary session — panel (Conference hall)
  • Section session (rooms as per allocation)
  • Exhibition of nuclear enterprises & organizations (Building 2 lobby)
May 24th (2nd Day)
  • Section sessions, cont’d (rooms as per allocation)
  • Poster sessions (rooms as per allocation)
  • Exhibition of nuclear enterprises & organizations (Building 2 lobby)
  • Plenary session — Summing up and Closing (Conference hall)


  • duration of a section presentation is 15 to 30 min including Q&A
Overall schedule:
  • May 23rd (1st Day)
    08:00 — 08:45 Registration
    09:00 — 09:20 Opening
    09:20 — 12:00 Plenary session in a panel discussion format
    14:00 — 18:00 (Sub)section sessions
  • May 24th (2nd Da)
    09:00 — 14:00 (Sub)section sessions, cont’d
    15:00 — 16:30 Plenary session — Summing up and Closing

The Conference is intended to to facilitate achieving the following important objectives:

  • Ensuring the priority of the NPP operation safety;
  • Increasing the economic efficiency of nuclear power units performance;
  • Nuclear power units life extension;
  • RW and SNF management; provisions for nuclear power units decommissioning;
  • Nuclear power engineering development through construction and commissioning of new generation units, development and implementation of advanced designs, including those related to the closed fuel cycle.

Conference topics

The following topics are to be addressed during the sections session:

  • Operation, maintenance and repair of NPPs with VVER, RBMK, BN and EGP reactors;
  • Engineering support to NPP operations:
    - Operation and modernization of electric equipment;
    - RW management. Nuclear power units decommissioning including preparation to decommissioning;
    - Radiation safety, NPP ecology, emergency preparedness;
    - Fire safety.
  • Nuclear power economics and IT application;
  • Nuclear power development:
    - Advanced nuclear reactor designs;
    - Construction of new nuclear power units;
  • International cooperation for nuclear safety;
  • Human resources for nuclear power industry:
    — Use of veterans’ experience and expertise. Tutorship


The official languages of the conference are Russian and English.

Registration fee

Registration fee for the participation in MNTK-2018 is not charged.