Section 1 Safe and effective operation of Russian NPPs

Chairman:Dementiev, Andrey

1.1. Operation, maintenance and repair of NPPs with VVER, RBMK, BN and EGP-6 reactors

Chairman: Chernikov, Oleg


1.1.1. Operation of NPPs with VVER reactors.

Aidemirov, Oleg

1.1.2. Operation of NPPs with RBMK, BN and EGP-6 reactors.

Bystrikov, Alexander

1.1.3. Maintenance & repair and installation of NPP equipment.

Krupsky, Alexander

1.2. Engineering support to NPP operations

Chairman: Sultanov, Ramis


1.2.1. Equipment life management and nuclear power units lifetime extension.

Povarov, Alexander

Berezanin, Anatoly

1.2.2. Enhancement of electric equipment reliability.

Prorokov, Oleg

1.2.3. Material science and metal inspections.

Lovchev, Vladimir

1.2.4. RW management. Nuclear power units decommissioning including preparation to decommissioning.

Stakhiv, Mikhail

1.2.5. SNF management.

Lobkov, Yury

1.2.6. Fire Safety.

Nikiforov, Victor

1.3. Radiation safety, NPP ecology, emergency preparedness

Chairman: Khlebtsevich, Vladimir


1.3.1. Radiation safety

Dolzhenkov, Igor

1.3.2. NPP ecology

Pechkurov, Andrey

1.3.3. Emergency preparedness

Markov, Alexander

Section 2. Nuclear power development

Chairman:Bezzubtsev, Valery


2.1. Advanced nuclear power unit designs.

Bezzubtsev, Valery

2.2. Development of new nuclear power units.

Barinov, Alexander

2.3.1 Commissioning of new nuclear power plants Katsman, Alexander
2.3.2 Increasing reliability and cybersecurity of computerized process control systems Katsman, Alexander

Section 3. Nuclear power economics and information technologies

Chairman: Migalin, Sergey

3.1. Nuclear power economics Migalin, Sergey
3.2. Information technologies in nuclear power Shalnov, Oleg

Section 4. International cooperation focused on ensuring NPPs safety

Chairman: Konstantinov, Nikita

5. Human resource for the nuclear power


5.1. Human resource for the nuclear power.

Gudin, Sergey

5.2. Use of veterans’ experience. Tutorship.

Markelov, Nikolay

5.3. Transfer of international experience and traditions to the youth.

Saraev, Yury

5.4. Young nuclear engineers and safe operation of NPPs. Kushnarev, Sergey